Could eating thin people’s poo make you lose weight?

A radical experiment seeks to put something that our bodies routinely reject – back inside us.

Studies show if you take the gut bacteria from a thin mouse and put it in a fat mouse, the mouse gets thinner – and scientists are hopeful the same could be true of humans.

The Good Sh*t, tracks a cutting-edge medical experiment using faecal transplants to change the composition of overweight volunteers gut microbes – and hopefully create a cure for obesity.

Four overweight teens agree to swallow capsules filled with other peoples faeces in the hope of getting thinner. The series follows their progress for 6 months to see if it works.

Along the way, we also dive into the cutting edge of science behind the human microbiome, how we gain weight, and why it is so hard to lose fat.

And it’s not just about the girls – the reputations of the team of elite researchers are on the line If their theory is right, this ground-breaking treatment could change the lives of every obese and overweight person on the planet.

Welcome to the secretive world of human poo trials.